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Magnets of Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo)

SmCo magnets

SmCo Magnets belong to the rare earth magnets, their production process is as of neodymium magnets. The availability of it's raw materials Samarium and Cobalt limited and therefore expensive. SmCo magnets are very brittle, their limited mechanical charateristics are counterbalanced by their superior magnetic properties. The materials is resistant to corrosion and is usable in a large temperature area from -40°C up to +250°C. If you need very good magnetical properties in higher temperature environment, SmCo magnets are the best choice.

rings cylinders blocks special designs
SmCo rings SmCo cylinders SmCo blocks SmCo special designs
from ø 10 mm to ø 110 mm from ø 1,5 mm to ø 40 mm from 1,5 mm to 100 mm according to your requirements

We've got more than 100 different types on stock. Please ask for your requested design and size.

Because the magnetic flux of SmCo magnets has a very high stability against contrary magnetical fields and higher temperatures, they are oftenly used in security relevant products. Deutsche Techna has Sm2Co17-magnets, which are 28 years old and still no measurable loss of its magnetic flow. These magnets are used for calibration of measuring devices. Irreversible loss of magnetization is only to be expected near the maximum usage temperature or near very strong contrary fields (Hg > H). A usage of L/D > 1 is recommended.

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