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Magnets of Hard Ferrite (HF)

Hartferrit Magnete

Hard ferrite is well-priced magnetic material, which can be used in temperatures up to 180°C. Because of its good magnetical and mechanical stability it has a large field of applications. For example adhesive systems, speaker systems, electric motors or sensor probes. Hard ferrite is to be pressed and sintered. A later machining is only practicable by the use of grinding.

We've got more than 150 different types on stock. Please ask for your requested design and size.
rings cylinders blocks special designs
Hartferrit-Ringe Hartferrit-Zylinder Hartferrit Blöcke Hartferrit Sonderformen
from ø 8 mm to ø 185 mm from ø 4 mm to ø 90 mm from 1,2 mm to 150 mm according to your requirements

We will give you advice for choosing the right material as well as in optimizing your application. This will reduce costs and increase your market position 

Physical and chemical characteristics:

Permeability: 1,05 - 1,3
Curie-temperature:  450 °C
Temp. Coefficient Br [°C-1] -0,20% 0 - 100 °C
Temp. Coefficient HcJ [°C-1] 0,40% 0 - 100 °C
Density  4,7 - 4,9 g/cm³
Electric resistance  > 104 Ohm x cm
Extension Coefficient [°C-1] 7 - 15 E-6
Vickers hardness : HV ca. 480 - 580

Magnets of Hard Ferrite are nontoxic and do not pollute the environment. By clauses of food law the direct contact to drinking water is allowed.
Like all ceramic materials Hard Ferrite is very resistant against chemicals. Primarily it is attack
ed by concentrated inorganic acids, depending on temperature and contact duration.

Hard Ferrite-Material, European Standard